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Ear Candy Release Fifth Studio Album "One More Blue Day"

1st October, 2020

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Ear Candy release their fifth studio album - One More Blue Day.


Ear Candy’s fifth and latest offering – One More Blue Day – is another diverse collection of Ear Candy jams written, performed & produced from their home studio in the leafy northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Featuring 17 new songs exploring the genres of rock, pop, country & blues music -
Ear Candy tell their stories through their songs and countless musical adventures, offering a collection of catchy music with live instruments, great vocals and the unique sound that is Ear Candy.


​From the opening track about crippling drought “Take Me Down to Pray” – you can sense this haunting curtain raiser is the first step on an inspired musical journey that includes songs about hope, love, pain & loneliness and of course the beach.

"We are incredibly happy to share this new collection of songs.  We’ve really enjoyed working on this album and always aspire to create music that feels good & sounds interesting to listen to.  In what has been a challenging time here in Australia of bush fires, drought, worldwide pandemic and TikTok videos - we have sought refuge in our music and creative processes. We sincerely hope our songs make you feel much better as well. Love and light. Darrel & Rhonnie xx"

One More Blue Day is another road traveled on Ear Candy’s raw and fiercely independent musical journey.

CLICK HERE or head over to our music page to listen to all tracks. 

We would love to be added to your favorite play lists! 

Available from all digital stores.

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