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Ear Candy return to the studio with new music on the way

Rhonnie & Darrel have started 2021 with more time in the studio writing & recording new songs.

   "During lockdown, we've had more time to be able to write & record new music.  Our song concepts have being coming from various forms of inspiration, so it has been an interesting journey so far.  We look forward to sharing them with everyone. "


Preview:  Dance Beneath the Willow
Ear Candy celebrate songwriting success

Ear Candy celebrate songwriting success with several songs from their album ONE MORE BLUE DAY being recognized across various categories in the 2020 songwriting awards.

In the 2020 Tamworth Songwriting Awards, Ear Candy were finalists in Alternative Country category with Take Me Down to Pray.  Also semi-finalists in Country Rock category with You Make Me Feel So Good and Country Blues category with By Your Side.

In the 2020 Australian Songwriters Awards, Ear Candy had three songs in the Top 30.  In Spiritual category Take Me Down to Pray, in Open category I Miss You and in Instrumental / World category Desert Song.

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ONE MORE BLUE DAY - Album Review
Tamworth Country Music Capital News magazine


Ear Candy would like to thank Jon Wolfe & Tamworth Country Music Capital News Magazine for the album review in the Jan/Feb 2021 edition.

Sound Advice Column - Capital News Resiz
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Ear Candy release fifth studio album:-
One More Blue Day

Ear Candy release their fifth studio album - One More Blue Day.


Ear Candy’s fifth and latest offering – One More Blue Day – is another diverse collection of Ear Candy jams written, performed & produced from their home studio in the leafy northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Featuring 17 new songs exploring the genres of rock, pop, country & blues music - Ear Candy tell their stories through their songs and countless musical adventures, offering a collection of catchy music with live instruments, great vocals and the unique sound that is Ear Candy.


​From the opening track about crippling drought “Take Me Down to Pray” – you can sense this haunting curtain raiser is the first step on an inspired musical journey that includes songs about hope, love, pain & loneliness and of course the beach.


"We are incredibly happy to share this new collection of songs.  We’ve really enjoyed working on this album and always aspire to create music that feels good & sounds interesting to listen to.  In what has been a challenging time here in Australia of bush fires, drought, worldwide pandemic and TikTok videos - we have sought refuge in our music and creative processes. We sincerely hope our songs make you feel much better as well. Love and light.
Darrel & Rhonnie xx"

One More Blue Day is another road traveled on Ear Candy’s raw and fiercely independent musical journey.

One More Blue Day Album 2.jpg

New Album

Available Now

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Ear Candy announce release of fourth album:-
California Sun

Ear Candy return with their fourth studio album release - California Sun

As always with music from Ear Candy - variety is the flavor with this collection of 14 tracks - all written, performed & produced by Ear Candy.  This collection offers music with a variety of influences ranging from country & pop to edgy rock & roll, with live instruments and great vocals & guitars.

"We love working on original music and we are very happy to share this collection of new songs.  We always aspire to create music that feels good & sounds interesting to listen to.  Each of these songs is different and we have enjoyed the process of exploring & creating their individual sounds & different genres to bring you this album.  Our passion for music has driven us to devote our time to developing our songwriting, musicianship & production abilities - and California Sun is the next installment of this journey."


California Sun

California Sun 3000 x 3000.jpg
Ear Candy songs in the 2019 Australian movie release:-
Danger Close - The Battle of Long Tan

Ear Candy are humbled to have two of their original songs appear in the 2019 Australian film:

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan.

​"In August 1966, in a Vietnamese rubber plantation called Long Tan, 108 young and mostly inexperienced Australian & New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives against 2500 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers."

"We encourage everyone to go and support this awesome Australian production and pay tribute to the brave soldiers & their families".

Directed by Kriv Stenders (Red Dog)

Release Date:  8th August, 2019

Danger Close.jpg
Ear Candy make the shortlist for the ASA Songwriting Awards 2018

Ear Candy currently have 3 songs from their latest album Back Roads - in the shortlist at this year's National Songwriting Awards hosted by the Australian Songwriter's Association.  Gypsy Highway is in the Country category and 
This Could Be Magic and Hello Sunshine have both reached the shortlist for the International category.  Finalists to be announced at the end of October.  To view the full shortlists and for further information - visit the ASA website:-

Ear Candy announce release of third album "Back Roads" 

Ear Candy are pleased to announce the release of their third studio album, Back Roads, available now!

Back Roads is the third studio album release by Ear Candy, featuring a collection of 16 songs written, performed & produced by the artists - Darrel Beasant & Rhonnie Tant.  This collection offers music with an upbeat, catchy mix of influences ranging from country & pop to edgy rock, featuring live instruments with great vocals & guitars.

Back Roads is a collection of songs that we’ve been working on over the last few years.  For us, it has very much been about the journey of getting here as much as it is about the songs themselves.  We have spent many years working together to make a living, playing gigs in a variety of places, to a very broad audience and performing a wide range of music that we've both loved & been inspired by.  This variety comes across in our own songwriting and gives some insight into why our music tends to cross genre.  Back Roads is the next installment of this journey."

This album is a tribute to all of the people & places we have encountered along the back roads of which we have traveled.  We've played a little guitar & made some good friends along the way.

Back Roads

Ear Candy working on new music.

Ear Candy are feeling closer to the end of their third studio album project due for release in May, 2018.

Rhonnie explains: " We certainly feel like we are nearer the end of this project.  It becomes a long process from the early stage of first writing a song, to then the recording & production stages before we feel that each song is finished.  We have been really enjoying what we have done so far and are looking forward to the songs being heard. "

Darrel says: " Yes it will be good to have another collection of songs finished.  We always learn so much through the creative process and this group of songs has been no different.  The journey has been long but we've enjoyed it. "

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